Our boss x1ks the win QLREDDIT DUEL TOURNEY #2. He have many good opponents but there was no one who could beat him. Here is ladder of the tournament CLICK. Good job ! For winning our friend received a 3-month pro account. Keep our fingers crossed for the next games. GG =)

Our team participated in the league ICTF. We have so far good results and we are getting closer to the exit from the group, and the entrance to the semi-finals. I keep my fingers crossed for further matches and I wish you all have fun.

It's Fight da powa! (Clawz, Soulzzz) won the competition to Funky Town Clan Arena 2vs2 Inc. (arbe, vldStone) after a faultless. Both teams Deliberate murder were not so conspicuous but the duo 421 - Latrommi was third. Congratulations to our mate Clawz

Welcome everyone !